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Tours in Morocco

First of all MOROCCO HISTORY TOURS is a regulated agency based and registered in Casablanca. We offer excursions and activities well organized and exciting, because we know that our country has incredible landscapes and nature, you will live an unforgettable Tours in Morocco. Our guides speak Italian, English, Spanish, French and German and are fully qualified and regulated by the government. The agency‘s vehicles are the property of the agency with a guarantee of comfort and safety.

In addition the holiday for families with young children and the elderly have a high level of care, we choose your riad / hotel with a cleaning service and prioritize the safety of our guests.

Trips to Morocco

Morocco is undeniably a land of contrasts, touching at the same time with the quietude and the exuberance. You will discover architectures with modern lines mixed with ancient traditional decors. You will enjoy your trip to Morocco in sumptuous hotels in the image of Moroccan refinement. So finesse and delicacy will be the key words of your trip to Morocco. You will dive, for a few days, in a true oriental cocoon, ideal to recharge your batteries.

Another Morocco history tours With a wealth of experiences  and travel in Morocco, it will inform you, remains at your disposal for any request of information, and will be able to guide you perfectly for your trips in Morocco ,  your organization of events .. and other services .
Its assets: listening to your projects, it will do its best to schedule you the stay of your dreams.

Imperial cities of Morocco

To discover the imperial cities of Morocco is to plunge into the heart of the history and culture of an ancestral civilization while crossing a territory with grandiose landscapes from the snowy summits of the Atlas to the green shores of the Mediterranean.

Generally proposed on a circuit of one or two weeks, the visit of the imperial cities of Morocco can be extended to wish so much the atmosphere of each city is unique, as there is something to see and to review to better understand the civilization Islamic. Take time to live to the rhythm of the Maghreb today, listen to the call to prayer resound five times a day from the minarets and soak up the special atmosphere of these sumptuous cities.

Excursions in Morocco

The excursions in Morocco are so numerous that everyone can find the one that suits him. Choose the attraction or experience that you absolutely do not want to miss, look for the most suitable type of excursion, adventure, shopping or a more traditional visit …

Our excursions in Morocco are specially designed to satisfy the tastes of all and You will always be accompanied by experienced staff. The choice goes for relaxing, cultural or nature excursions, also suitable for the elderly and children, with more dynamic and sporting outings for those who like to add a bit of adventure. The world of excursions is always changing.

It takes you to the most beautiful places, offering you free-riding tours, bike rides for lovers of two-wheeled vehicles or Experience to better enjoy your destination, for example with wine and food tours Which take you to discover the best culinary tradition.

Morocco Tours & Travel

You can contact our operators via email or phone for any kind of special needs, we are at your disposal to provide you with maximum assistance in developing a quick solution.

You can check our web site to find various offers and solutions for an easier way to plan your Travel in Morocco. Our site offers information and breaking news on the chosen destinations, schedules and status of transport .

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